Codycross Paris Group 255 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Plane Taxis Along This
Solution: Runway

Question: Bad Manners To Put These On The Dining Table
Solution: Elbows

Question: Blend Of Cybernetics And Organism For A Part Robot
Solution: Cyborg

Question: Country That Is Directly North Of The US
Solution: Canada

Question: Fighting Skills
Solution: Combat

Question: Food Made By Churning Cream Or Milk
Solution: Butter

Question: Food Made By Churning Milk
Solution: Butter

Question: Friendly Ghost Befriended By Christina Ricci
Solution: Casper

Question: Futuramas Head Of The Robot Mafia
Solution: Donbot

Question: German Austrian Dress Of Full Skirt And Low Bodice
Solution: Dirndl

Question: Juno Roman Goddess Of Money
Solution: Moneta

Question: King Of England From 1760 To 1820 III
Solution: George

Question: Latin Name For Copenhagen
Solution: Hafnia

Question: Line Of Equal Pressure On A Weather Map
Solution: Isobar

Question: Lofty Australian Tennis Star Pat
Solution: Rafter

Question: Marcel Known For In Search Of The Lost Time
Solution: Proust

Question: Modern Term Someone Who Knows Rabbinical Lit
Solution: Lamdan

Question: Not Dangerously
Solution: Safely

Question: Peace Prizewinner And Founder Of Solidarity Union
Solution: Walesa

Question: Rhyming Word Meaning A Foolish Person
Solution: Nitwit

Question: Six Letter Word For The Season Of Fall
Solution: Autumn

Question: Spanish For City Eg Juarez In Mexico
Solution: Ciudad

Question: Surly Or Ill Tempered
Solution: Grumpy

Question: They Escort Cinema Goers To Their Seats
Solution: Ushers

Question: Thursday After Ash Wednesday
Solution: Maundy

Question: Underground Railway Or Passage It Might Vary
Solution: Subway

Question: Venomous Aussie Snake Has Coastal And Inland Types
Solution: Taipan

Question: Wax Light Source
Solution: Candle

Question: Lake Oregon Landmark With A Wizard Island
Solution: Crater

Question: Sese Seko Seized Power In Zaire In 1965
Solution: Mobutu

Question: Bahn Famous Entertainment Street In Hamburg
Solution: Reeper

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