Codycross Paris Group 251 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1980s Term For A Young Urban Professional
Solution: Yuppie

Question: Cutter
Solution: Slicer

Question: Empire Founded By Genghis Khan In 1206
Solution: Mongol

Question: How The Stole Christmas
Solution: Grinch

Question: Intricate Silk Design By Arachnid
Solution: Cobweb

Question: Jane Who Played Daphne Moon In Frasier
Solution: Leeves

Question: John Plays Finn In Star Wars Episode 7
Solution: Boyega

Question: La Femme TV Series Starring Peta Wilson
Solution: Nikita

Question: Less Hot
Solution: Cooler

Question: Losing Country In The Crimean War
Solution: Russia

Question: Riverside Execution Post Used For Hanging Pirates
Solution: Gibbet

Question: Scandinavian Countrys Currency Is The Krona
Solution: Sweden

Question: Scope Degree Range
Solution: Extent

Question: Sea Between Australia And New Zealand
Solution: Tasman

Question: The Polices Hit Song Every You Take
Solution: Breath

Question: They Fly The Bird
Solution: Pilots

Question: Aztec Red Cocktail With Tequila Cream
Solution: Bloody

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