Codycross Paris Group 247 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Animal Waste Used As Fertilizer
Solution: Manure

Question: As You Like It Not A Tragedy But A
Solution: Comedy

Question: Capital Of Dominica
Solution: Roseau

Question: Cleaning Up The Stables The Fifth Labor Of Heracles
Solution: Augean

Question: Dame Ninette De English Irish Ballerina
Solution: Valois

Question: Foliage
Solution: Leaves

Question: Iconic Easter Animal With Fluffy Tail
Solution: Rabbit

Question: Insect Emblem Of Mysterious Global Puzzle Series
Solution: Cicada

Question: Last Bottle Of A Batch Of Wine Sold At A Reduction
Solution: Bin end

Question: Noahs Great Grandson
Solution: Nimrod

Question: Official Currency Of Tajikistan
Solution: Somoni

Question: Original Imitation
Solution: Parody

Question: Puff French Many Buttered Layers
Solution: Pastry

Question: Taking A Chance With No Guarantee
Solution: On spec

Question: Type Of Cooking Oil Is Short For Canadian Oil
Solution: Canola

Question: Where Would Scooby Doo Be Without
Solution: Shaggy

Question: Conquest Battle Of Hastings In 1066
Solution: Norman

Question: Plath Writer Who Married Ted Hughes
Solution: Sylvia

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