Codycross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Town A Love Story Set During And After WWII
Solution: Like alice

Question: American Dick Clark Show For New Talent
Solution: Bandstand

Question: Beachcombers Bounty
Solution: Seashells

Question: Can Be Blamed
Solution: Accusable

Question: Can Be Verified By Observation Or Logic
Solution: Empirical

Question: City Where Anne Frank House Is Located
Solution: Amsterdam

Question: Compensating For Often Followed By Features
Solution: Redeeming

Question: Component That Cleans Lubrication
Solution: Oil filter

Question: Different Colored Skullcap Worn By RC Clergy
Solution: Zucchetto

Question: Elite Army Of Eunuchs In GOT
Solution: Unsullied

Question: Equines Who Pulled Coal In The Mines
Solution: Pit ponies

Question: Fear Of Animals
Solution: Zoophobia

Question: Gilbert And Sullivan Operetta About A Curse
Solution: Ruddigore

Question: Institute Where Brainy Sorts Thrash Out Policy
Solution: Think tank

Question: Porcine Themed Place To Hoard Your Money
Solution: Piggybank

Question: Professional Charged With Steering Venetian Boats
Solution: Gondolier

Question: Public Space At The Heart Of Amsterdam
Solution: Dam square

Question: Sensible And Realistic
Solution: Pragmatic

Question: The First Set Of Gnashers Of A Young Mammal
Solution: Milk teeth

Question: Theres Calm In Its Eye
Solution: Hurricane

Question: What Many Collect On The Beach
Solution: Seashells

Question: Without A Designer Label
Solution: Unbranded

Question: Hood 2011 Scary Fairytale Produced By DiCaprio
Solution: Red riding

Question: And Bristol Fashion Meaning Neatly Arranged
Solution: Shipshape

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