Codycross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Became Smaller In Size
Solution: Shrank

Question: Bulb With Pungent Cloves
Solution: Garlic

Question: Card Game For Four Players
Solution: Bridge

Question: Cardcaptor Japanese Anime With Magical Tarot
Solution: Sakura

Question: Comfy Underwear Brand By Triumph
Solution: Sloggi

Question: Computer Self Filming Device
Solution: Webcam

Question: Evan Wood US Actress
Solution: Rachel

Question: Extremely Strong Plastic Invented By Kwolek
Solution: Kevlar

Question: Flashes In The Light Glitters
Solution: Glints

Question: French Reformer Of The 16th Century John
Solution: Calvin

Question: Greek Goddess Of The Hearth
Solution: Hestia

Question: Jan Czech Student Protested By Self Immolation
Solution: Palach

Question: Longest River In Southeast Asia
Solution: Mekong

Question: Nestles French Packaged Dessert
Solution: Flanby

Question: Noise Of Snow Underfoot
Solution: Crunch

Question: Not A Liar Fair Sincere
Solution: Honest

Question: Not A Liar Honorable Fair Sincere
Solution: Honest

Question: Past Participle Of Shrink
Solution: Shrunk

Question: Piazza In Rome With Fountains And Obelisk
Solution: Navona

Question: Printer Inks
Solution: Toners

Question: Put A Knob Of This Dairy Product On Hot Corn Cobs
Solution: Butter

Question: Rockys Surname As Played By Sylvester Stallone
Solution: Balboa

Question: Silly Nonsense Talk
Solution: Drivel

Question: The Great American 1974 Rodeo Documentary
Solution: Cowboy

Question: The Fluid That Surrounds Blood Cells
Solution: Plasma

Question: To Make A Contribution To Bestow
Solution: Donate

Question: Cardcaptor Japanese Cartoon With A Magical Tarot
Solution: Sakura

Question: Fork Two Metal Prongs To Find Musical Pitch
Solution: Tuning

Question: When In Rome Do As The Do
Solution: Romans

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