Codycross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Few Aaron Sorkins US Legal Drama
Solution: Good men

Question: A Person Who Has Had A Limb Or Part Of One Removed
Solution: Amputee

Question: Alternative Name For Jerusalems Western Wall
Solution: Wailing

Question: Changes To Political Systems And Policies
Solution: Reforms

Question: Clue Jr Case Of The Pet Was Released In 1989
Solution: Missing

Question: Hamartophobia Is The Fear Of
Solution: Sinning

Question: Julia Roberts And Richard Gere Star In Bride
Solution: Runaway

Question: Magician And Escapologist Born Ehrich Weiss
Solution: Houdini

Question: Mexican Liquor Made From Blue Agave
Solution: Tequila

Question: No Gain Pain
Solution: Without

Question: Person With Unpolished Raw Talent In The Rough
Solution: Diamond

Question: Pupil Who Assists By Policing The Hallways
Solution: Monitor

Question: Rapture
Solution: Ecstasy

Question: This Starts A Soccer Or Football Game
Solution: Kick off

Question: UK Spicy Currant Cake Like Eccles Cake
Solution: Banbury

Question: Aching Witch In Training In Discworld Series
Solution: Tiffany

Question: Adam Composed The Ballet Giselle
Solution: Adolphe

Question: Bentz German Who Invented Coffee Filters
Solution: Melitta

Question: Steps Iberian Stone Stairway In Rome
Solution: Spanish

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