Codycross Paris Group 246 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: An Agreement Between Countries Or Companies
Solution: Treaty

Question: Appliance For Heating Water For Coffee Or Tea
Solution: Kettle

Question: Dance In Triple Time That Is Slow And Stately
Solution: Minuet

Question: Diego Flower Seller Artist Wed Frida Kahlo
Solution: Rivera

Question: Events That Often Come With Thunder And Lightning
Solution: Storms

Question: Exercise Performed Hanging From A Bar
Solution: Pull up

Question: First African Nobel Peace Prize Winner Albert
Solution: Lutuli

Question: Georges Dotty French Painter
Solution: Seurat

Question: Greek Caviar Typically Served As A Spread
Solution: Tarama

Question: Having Taken A Breather Got Your Breath Back
Solution: Rested

Question: In Christianity Jacobs Second Wife
Solution: Rachel

Question: Jacobs Second Wife In The Bible
Solution: Rachel

Question: Joseph Irish Author
Solution: Oneill

Question: Kurt Lead Singer Of Nirvana
Solution: Cobain

Question: Lena Plays Cersei In Game Of Thrones
Solution: Headey

Question: Nominated 10 Times For The Academy Awards John
Solution: Huston

Question: Oil Used In Cosmetics
Solution: Jojoba

Question: One Who Pleads For Money
Solution: Beggar

Question: Paid Assassin
Solution: Hitman

Question: Parsley Celery Like Herb
Solution: Lovage

Question: Religious Festival Associated With Chicks
Solution: Easter

Question: Sir Gary West Indian Cricket All Rounder
Solution: Sobers

Question: Strong To The Finish Cause He Eats His Spinach
Solution: Popeye

Question: TBH Internet Slang For To Be
Solution: Honest

Question: To Choose Not To Participate
Solution: Opt out

Question: Of Mons Apparitions Seen On The Western Front
Solution: Angels

Question: The Spot Treasure Indicator On A Pirates Map
Solution: X marks

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