Codycross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Close Fitting Garment Of Neoprene
Solution: Wetsuit

Question: Another Word For Tournament Or Competition
Solution: Contest

Question: Capital Of Thailand
Solution: Bangkok

Question: Competition
Solution: Contest

Question: Developed The 1st Blood Transfusion Service
Solution: Bethune

Question: Dog Made A Vocal And Hostile Sound
Solution: Growled

Question: Finger Or Thumb Protector For Sewers
Solution: Thimble

Question: Goblin Who Lures Children To The Land Of The Dead
Solution: Erlking

Question: Great Musician Or Composer
Solution: Maestro

Question: Hand Covers Especially For Babies
Solution: Mittens

Question: Home To Texas Tech University
Solution: Lubbock

Question: Large North American Brown Bear
Solution: Grizzly

Question: Largest Moon Of The Planet Uranus
Solution: Titania

Question: Layered Pastry Popular In Austria
Solution: Strudel

Question: Light Rain
Solution: Drizzle

Question: Making Clay Items In A Wheel And Firing Them
Solution: Pottery

Question: Motherland Nation
Solution: Country

Question: Muller White Grape Created By Swiss Botanist
Solution: Thurgau

Question: Nancy Drews Genre
Solution: Mystery

Question: Not Slowly
Solution: Quickly

Question: Oldest Living Former French President 1970s
Solution: Estaing

Question: Repurpose Items Creating More Value
Solution: Upcycle

Question: Robin Williams Film About Supernatural Board Game
Solution: Jumanji

Question: Small Power Source With Positive And Negative Ends
Solution: Battery

Question: The Way One Who Gives Twice Does It
Solution: Quickly

Question: This Croydon Singers Real Name Is Michael Omari
Solution: Stormzy

Question: Tidal Wave Caused By An Earthquake
Solution: Tsunami

Question: Warmest With The Highest Temperatures
Solution: Hottest

Question: Arnault French Billionaire
Solution: Bernard

Question: Chronology Backwards Time In Story
Solution: Reverse

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