Codycross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Beavis Pyromaniac Friend
Solution: Butthead

Question: Box For Holding Pet Piscines
Solution: Fish tank

Question: Chemical Element With The Symbol N
Solution: Nitrogen

Question: Detroit Played At Joe Louis Arena
Solution: Red wings

Question: Educational Entertainment Company Kids Game
Solution: Leapfrog

Question: El Maya Step Pyramid At Chichen Itza
Solution: Castillo

Question: Fear Or Dislike Of Bisexuality Or Bisexuals
Solution: Biphobia

Question: Flat Plastic Discs Such As In Snakes And Ladders
Solution: Counters

Question: Heavenly Virtue Of Self Discipline By Reason
Solution: Prudence

Question: Its Orange And Records Details Of A Flight
Solution: Black box

Question: Lord Protector Of The Commonwealth
Solution: Cromwell

Question: Sea Edible Marine Creature Aka Beche De Mer
Solution: Cucumber

Question: Sounding Of Notes Of A Chord In Rapid Succession
Solution: Arpeggio

Question: Squat Very Hot Chili Pepper From Green To Orange
Solution: Habanero

Question: Strips Of Cloth For Healing Sprains
Solution: Bandages

Question: Surroundings
Solution: Purlieus

Question: Thats How The Cookie
Solution: Crumbles

Question: The Of The Sierra Madre US Film From Late 1940s
Solution: Treasure

Question: They Are Formally Entered As Candidates For Awards
Solution: Nominees

Question: Thin Unleavened Cornbread From Central America
Solution: Tortilla

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