Codycross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: 1994 Short Film About A Diana Ross Fan With A Crush
Solution: Trevor

Question: A Swing And A Miss On A Perfect Baseball Pitch
Solution: Strike

Question: Band Player
Solution: Rocker

Question: Banquets Vast Multi Course Meals
Solution: Feasts

Question: Capital And Largest City Of Cuba
Solution: Havana

Question: Charles King Of The Franks
Solution: Martel

Question: Concert Amsterdam Opera House
Solution: Gebouw

Question: Country Where The Dance Called Hasapiko Is Popular
Solution: Greece

Question: Elusive Scottish Lake Monsters Nickname
Solution: Nessie

Question: Felines Love This Herb
Solution: Catnip

Question: Formed Delineated
Solution: Shaped

Question: French Term For Thick Sauce Made From Fruit
Solution: Coulis

Question: Glider Builder And Pioneer Of Aerodynamics
Solution: Cayley

Question: Group Of Related People Sometimes In One Household
Solution: Family

Question: Indian Dagger Fist Blade
Solution: Katara

Question: Jennifer 13 Going On 30 Actress
Solution: Garner

Question: Lord Peter Detective Of Dorothy Sayers Novels
Solution: Wimsey

Question: Magical Man With A Pointy Hat
Solution: Wizard

Question: Metal Vessel For Boiling Water For Beverages
Solution: Kettle

Question: Music Style In No Key Sounds Controversial
Solution: Atonal

Question: My Sisters By Jodi Picoult
Solution: Keeper

Question: Paid Money To Finance A Project Or Trip
Solution: Funded

Question: Rajiv International Cricket Stadium
Solution: Gandhi

Question: Saudi Middle East Country With No Rivers
Solution: Arabia

Question: Severe Gluten Intolerance Disease
Solution: Celiac

Question: Strip For Landing Airplanes On
Solution: Runway

Question: Stroked Eg A Dog Or A Cat
Solution: Petted

Question: Upholstered Bench Couch Sofa
Solution: Settee

Question: Well Mannered Courteous Civilized
Solution: Polite

Question: What Euphrosyne Aglaea And Thalia Were
Solution: Graces

Question: Women To Be Married
Solution: Brides

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