Codycross Paris Group 243 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Knights Personal Assistant
Solution: Squire

Question: A Superhero Power To To Another Dimension
Solution: Banish

Question: Arm Joints Left Off The Table In Polite Circles
Solution: Elbows

Question: Astronomical Measurement From Parallax And Second
Solution: Parsec

Question: Berber Are Always Traveling
Solution: Nomads

Question: Bigger Than Double
Solution: Triple

Question: Catch Butterflies Blown From An Elephants Trunk
Solution: Elefun

Question: English Layered Dessert Of Cake Jelly Custard
Solution: Trifle

Question: George Washington Inventor Who Loved Peanuts
Solution: Carver

Question: Grouchy Or Ill Natured
Solution: Crabby

Question: Help Yourself To This Meal
Solution: Buffet

Question: Ian Atonements Author
Solution: Mcewan

Question: In Boxing To Hug An Opponent To Avoid Blows
Solution: Clinch

Question: It Means Dove In Spanish
Solution: Paloma

Question: Large Lake On The Border Of Estonia And Russia
Solution: Peipus

Question: More Saturated
Solution: Wetter

Question: Mushroom That Sounds Like Seafood
Solution: Oyster

Question: Ottoman Sultans Highly Decorative Robe
Solution: Kaftan

Question: Region Where Westminster Abbey Is Located
Solution: London

Question: Spanish Dance And A Short Sleeveless Jacket
Solution: Bolero

Question: Thick Tissues That Link Muscles To Bones
Solution: Sinews

Question: US Desert State That Is Home To Area 51
Solution: Nevada

Question: Goose 1964 WWII Romantic Comedy Codename
Solution: Father

Question: Krabs Is SpongeBobs Boss
Solution: Eugene

Question: Over Fainted Fell Down
Solution: Keeled

Question: Tang Are Popular Bright Fish
Solution: Yellow

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