Codycross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Queens Daughter
Solution: Princess

Question: A Shed Or Other External Storage Building
Solution: Outhouse

Question: American Idol Host Ryan
Solution: Seacrest

Question: Another Name For The Holy Grail
Solution: Sangreal

Question: Area Between The Earth And The Sun
Solution: Geospace

Question: Blenniidae And Clinidae Fishes Scaled Or Scaleless
Solution: Blennies

Question: Botswana Delta Popular With Safari Tourists
Solution: Okavango

Question: Bottle Gourd With Pale Green Skin And White Flesh
Solution: Calabash

Question: Butch Cassidy And The Kid Famous Duo
Solution: Sundance

Question: Cabinet Or Shelves For Storing Bound Publications
Solution: Bookcase

Question: Eating Disorder Involving Loss Of Appetite
Solution: Anorexia

Question: Flat Bread Used To Wrap Tacos
Solution: Tortilla

Question: Guerlain Famous Perfume Inspired By Mumtaz Mahal
Solution: Shalimar

Question: Important Study Centered On Viruses
Solution: Virology

Question: In The Open Air
Solution: Outdoors

Question: It Would Take A Tiny Jockey To Ride One
Solution: Horse fly

Question: Literary Festival
Solution: Book fair

Question: Look Inwards And Study Oneself In This Field
Solution: Autology

Question: Mexican Flat Bread Used To Make Tacos
Solution: Tortilla

Question: Michelle Frankie And Johnny Star
Solution: Pfeiffer

Question: Milans International Airport With The Code MXP
Solution: Malpensa

Question: Place With No Light Used To Develop Photographs
Solution: Darkroom

Question: Sporty Fit And Energetic
Solution: Athletic

Question: Term For A Papal Election
Solution: Conclave

Question: The Official National Sport Of Cuba
Solution: Baseball

Question: The Queens Daughter
Solution: Princess

Question: Tight Lipped Disinclined To Talk
Solution: Taciturn

Question: Waterproof Overshoes
Solution: Galoshes

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