Codycross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: A Line That Separates Two Nations Or States
Solution: Border

Question: Actor Refused His Oscar For The Godfather In 1973
Solution: Brando

Question: Australian City Known For Its Coathanger Bridge
Solution: Sydney

Question: Author Of And Then There Were None Christie
Solution: Agatha

Question: Car That Pulls A Train
Solution: Engine

Question: Cross Between A Doughnut And A Croissant
Solution: Cronut

Question: Decorative Wheel Cover On A Car
Solution: Hubcap

Question: Endures Without Yielding Or Bears Patiently
Solution: Abides

Question: Extensive Territory Ruled By One Group Or Person
Solution: Empire

Question: Fred Flintstones Best Friend Barney
Solution: Rubble

Question: Jane Porter In The Legend Of Tarzan 2016
Solution: Margot

Question: Joseph British Inventor Of Reinforced Concrete
Solution: Monier

Question: Miss Agatha Christies Spinster Detective
Solution: Marple

Question: Murder On The Orient Express Author Christie
Solution: Agatha

Question: Notre Dame Has A Famous Rose One
Solution: Window

Question: Salt And Condiments Found On Restaurant Tables
Solution: Pepper

Question: Second Book Of The Old Testament
Solution: Exodus

Question: Ship Vacation With Periodic Stops
Solution: Cruise

Question: Soft Corals That Look Like Feather Pens
Solution: Sea pen

Question: The E In E Mc2 As Posited By Einstein
Solution: Energy

Question: To Penetrate Or Enter Unexpectedly Or Violently
Solution: Plunge

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