Codycross Paris Group 241 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Paris

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Codycross Paris Answers

Question: Attracted To All People Regardless Of Their Gender
Solution: Pansexual

Question: Avocado Based Dip
Solution: Guacamole

Question: Calculated
Solution: Strategic

Question: Canadian Comedian Uncle Buck Space Balls
Solution: John candy

Question: Cunningly Outwitting
Solution: Outfoxing

Question: Describes A Petite Nose Turned Up At The Tip
Solution: Retrousse

Question: Estadio Olimpico Joao Rio De Janeiro
Solution: Havelange

Question: First Transatlantic Solo Flyer Charles Jr
Solution: Lindbergh

Question: Harmless Inoffensive
Solution: Innocuous

Question: Italian Opera Composer Of Lucia Di Lammermoor
Solution: Donizetti

Question: Mary She Saw Christ After His Resurrection
Solution: Magdalene

Question: Outlaw Turned Folk Hero Ned Kellys Country
Solution: Australia

Question: Seaside Toy
Solution: Beach ball

Question: Stages In From Birth To Death
Solution: Life cycle

Question: States Gets The Meaning Across
Solution: Expresses

Question: The Place Behind The Performance Area In A Play
Solution: Backstage

Question: UK 1983 Robbery Gold Bullion Remains Unrecovered
Solution: Brinks mat

Question: Usually Mammals Give Birth To
Solution: Live young

Question: Wooden Puppet Who Lied A Lot
Solution: Pinocchio

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