Codycross Mesopotamia Group 976 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Mesopotamia

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Codycross Mesopotamia Answers

Question: Author Of Little Fires Everywhere
Solution: Celeste ng

Question: Concentrated Exhaustive
Solution: Intensive

Question: Dora The Explorers Cousin Stars In This Spinoff
Solution: Go diego go

Question: Fabrics Made From Non Natural Products
Solution: Synthetic

Question: Generic Name For A Pre 1800 European Painter
Solution: Old master

Question: Government Representatives At A Meeting
Solution: Delegates

Question: Helicopter That Was Down In A Ridley Scott Movie
Solution: Black hawk

Question: Medical Term For A Nosebleed
Solution: Epistaxis

Question: Native American Loaf Made From Maize Flour
Solution: Cornbread

Question: Probably The Oldest Active Volcano On Earth
Solution: Mount etna

Question: Roman Emperor Who Commissioned The Colosseum
Solution: Vespasian

Question: Small Spherical Green Fruit Covered In Husk
Solution: Tomatillo

Question: Storage Container For Household H2O
Solution: Water tank

Question: The Continuous Flow Of Particles From The Sun
Solution: Solarwind

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