Codycross Mesopotamia Group 974 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Mesopotamia

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Codycross Mesopotamia Answers

Question: Actor Bale From Vice And American Hustle
Solution: Christian

Question: Aliens Like Doctor Who
Solution: Time lords

Question: Examples Include The Painted Lady And Red Admiral
Solution: Butterfly

Question: Hand Reading Form Of Clairvoyance
Solution: Palmistry

Question: He And Simon Sang The Sound Of Silence
Solution: Garfunkel

Question: Heavy Teabread Made With Refined Animal Fat
Solution: Lardy cake

Question: King Of The Britons He Invited Saxons To Britain
Solution: Vortigern

Question: Platform For Hanging Ten On A Wave
Solution: Surfboard

Question: Red Robed Jester In Russian Puppetry
Solution: Petrushka

Question: Science Of Weights And Measures
Solution: Metrology

Question: Sea In Which The Island Of Redonda Is Found
Solution: Caribbean

Question: Support Collar Worn After Head And Back Injuries
Solution: Neck brace

Question: The First Novel In The Hannibal Lecter Series
Solution: Red dragon

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