Codycross Mesopotamia Group 970 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Mesopotamia

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Codycross Mesopotamia Answers

Question: A Cut Out Template For Shapes Or Letters
Solution: Stencil

Question: A Tough Sheath That Encloses An Organ Or Body Part
Solution: Capsule

Question: American Manufacturer Of Snowmobiles
Solution: Polaris

Question: Archaic Synonym Of Usages
Solution: Usances

Question: Aunt Em And Uncle Henrys Niece And Owner Of Toto
Solution: Dorothy

Question: Fish Eating Crocodilian Native To India
Solution: Gharial

Question: French Artist Who Painted 1902s Primitive Tales
Solution: Gauguin

Question: Its Said That Nero Did This While Rome Burned
Solution: Fiddled

Question: Legal Term For A Boundary Between Two Areas
Solution: Abuttal

Question: Main Antagonist In Dexters Laboratory
Solution: Mandark

Question: Males Who Lead Horse Drawn Brewery Wagons
Solution: Draymen

Question: Miserly Businessman In A Christmas Carol
Solution: Scrooge

Question: Order Given To Trained Animal Or Military Officer
Solution: Command

Question: Precious Stone Marking A 55th Wedding Anniversary
Solution: Emerald

Question: Prediction Found Inside A Chinese Food Cookie
Solution: Fortune

Question: Sea That The River Volga Flows Into
Solution: Caspian

Question: Stepping On A Pedal To Slow A Vehicles Speed
Solution: Braking

Question: Stones Carried On A Ship To Balance It Out
Solution: Ballast

Question: Susan B US Social Reformer
Solution: Anthony

Question: Young Hindu Moon God Who Rides In A Chariot
Solution: Chandra

Question: Stage Main Performance Area At Glastonbury
Solution: Pyramid

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