Codycross Mesopotamia Group 965 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Mesopotamia

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Codycross Mesopotamia Answers

Question: Buildings Where People Work
Solution: Offices

Question: City Of The Arabian Nights The Iraqi Capital
Solution: Baghdad

Question: Consecrates With Oil
Solution: Anoints

Question: Large Flightless Bird Native To Africa
Solution: Ostrich

Question: Learned Scholarly
Solution: Erudite

Question: Olympic Sport Of Sliding A Stone On Ice
Solution: Curling

Question: Paul US Travel Writer Of Railway Journeys
Solution: Theroux

Question: Prisoner Released Early Under Certain Conditions
Solution: Parolee

Question: Ska Punk Band Of The 90s Fronted By Bradley Nowell
Solution: Sublime

Question: Subtitle Of The Final Avengers Movie
Solution: Endgame

Question: The Bad Nurse From One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
Solution: Ratched

Question: Toilet Water Tank That Refills After Flushing
Solution: Cistern

Question: Wonder Woman Enemy Who Can Increase Her Size
Solution: Giganta

Question: Interlude 1929 Eugene ONeill Play
Solution: Strange

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