Codycross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Well Known Beatles Song
Solution: Hey jude

Question: Cargo Transported For Money On Land Air Sea
Solution: Freight

Question: Collection Of Rural Houses And Amenities
Solution: Village

Question: Dutiful Follower Of A Leader Especially Religious
Solution: Acolyte

Question: English Breed Of Short Muscular Dog
Solution: Bulldog

Question: Homo Scientific Name For Humans
Solution: Sapiens

Question: Insubstantial Lingerie
Solution: G string

Question: Monotonous Talking
Solution: Droning

Question: Old English Epic Poem With The Monster Grendel
Solution: Beowulf

Question: Person Who Writes Online Articles And Comments
Solution: Blogger

Question: Photo Taken By The Law
Solution: Mug shot

Question: Place Where Products Are Made
Solution: Factory

Question: Position For Sitting On A Horse Or Bike
Solution: Astride

Question: Psychic Cookies
Solution: Fortune

Question: Sultan Who Captured Jerusalem After The 2nd Crusade
Solution: Saladin

Question: To Adorn
Solution: Furnish

Question: To Scrape Scuff
Solution: Scratch

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