Codycross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Pipe Attached To A House For Draining Water
Solution: Gutter

Question: Anatomy Of Dr Nicholaes Tulp By Rembrandt
Solution: Lesson

Question: Clark Gable Gone With Wind Character Rhett
Solution: Butler

Question: Colorado Soccer Team Named After River Current
Solution: Rapids

Question: Cream Of By Product Of Winemaking Ingredient
Solution: Tartar

Question: Cuisine That Melds Different Styles Together
Solution: Fusion

Question: Different From
Solution: Unlike

Question: Fake Ducks On A Pond
Solution: Decoys

Question: Frodo
Solution: Hobbit

Question: Having Two Spouses At The Same Time
Solution: Bigamy

Question: John Long Serving Aussie PM
Solution: Howard

Question: Mountaineer Heinrich Who Spent Seven Years In Tibet
Solution: Harrer

Question: Organ To Be First Successfully Transplanted
Solution: Kidney

Question: Pope And Poisons In Italian Renaissance Family
Solution: Borgia

Question: Shoes With Solid Sole Extensions No Instep Gap
Solution: Wedges

Question: The War Of The Novel By UK Writer HG Wells
Solution: Worlds

Question: Title Character In Stephen Kings First Novel
Solution: Carrie

Question: Told Tales On Someone
Solution: Ratted

Question: Vivid Pinkish Red Color Resembling Cherries
Solution: Cerise

Question: Wavy Frizzy
Solution: Crimpy

Question: Wriggled Ones Way Out Of Or Into A Situation
Solution: Wormed

Question: Horse Event Requires Strong Forearms
Solution: Pommel

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