Codycross Medieval Times Group 240 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Bookworms Injury
Solution: Paper cut

Question: Captured By Enemy Of War Aka POW
Solution: Prisoner

Question: DIY Shops Sell This
Solution: Hardware

Question: Distinguished By Wealth And Good Taste
Solution: Gracious

Question: Falling As Freezing Rain
Solution: Sleeting

Question: Finger Joints Used In Boxing
Solution: Knuckles

Question: Giant Radioactive Reptile Star Of Many Movies
Solution: Godzilla

Question: Guess At A Price
Solution: Estimate

Question: Hungarys Leader During The USSR Invasion Of 1956
Solution: Imre nagy

Question: Island Country In The Indian Ocean Capital Male
Solution: Maldives

Question: Metalloid Used With Alloys To Create Batteries
Solution: Antimony

Question: Ridged Tubed Pasta
Solution: Rigatoni

Question: Term For Two Wheeled Off Road Mucky Vehicle
Solution: Dirt bike

Question: To Take Possession Of Money Fraudulently
Solution: Embezzle

Question: Aspects Align Planetary Energies In Astrology
Solution: Emphatic

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