Codycross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Applying Middle Pedal In A Car To Slow Speed
Solution: Braking

Question: Beguiling Dodgy Cunning Guileful
Solution: Devious

Question: Bunch Of Flowers
Solution: Bouquet

Question: Captain Of The White Tower The Lord Of The Rings
Solution: Boromir

Question: Chest Of Drawers
Solution: Dresser

Question: Cool Fashionable Type Of Food
Solution: Organic

Question: Extremely Stupid Foolish
Solution: Idiotic

Question: Felt Weak Suddenly Lost Consciousness
Solution: Fainted

Question: Influences Someone
Solution: Affects

Question: Italian Opera Composer Of The Barber Of Seville
Solution: Rossini

Question: Japanese Close Combat Against Armed Person
Solution: Jujutsu

Question: Roman Goddess Of Wisdom
Solution: Minerva

Question: Russian Novelist Who Came From The Aristocracy
Solution: Tolstoy

Question: Seed Carrier From A Tree
Solution: Fir cone

Question: She Is Often Referred To As The Queen Of Pop
Solution: Madonna

Question: The Cowboy State
Solution: Wyoming

Question: The Art Or Sport Of Fighting With Swords
Solution: Fencing

Question: To Lean Back
Solution: Recline

Question: Train Of A Flamenco Dress
Solution: Ruffles

Question: Ugandan Styled Himself The Last King Of Scotland
Solution: Idi amin

Question: Bannerfish Are White Black And Yellow
Solution: Longfin

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