Codycross Medieval Times Group 238 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Den Made Up In The Leaves And Branches
Solution: Treehouse

Question: Atlantic Weather System
Solution: Jet stream

Question: Aubrey Victorian Painter
Solution: Beardsley

Question: Book Containing Alphabetical List Of Entries
Solution: Directory

Question: Chaotic In Total Disorder
Solution: Haphazard

Question: Cult 80s French Film Starring Beatrice Dalle
Solution: Betty blue

Question: Died Of A Heart Attack While Filming Wagons East
Solution: John candy

Question: Dust Tube Tornado That Funnels Over Ground
Solution: Landspout

Question: Eagles Song About Bad Things Of The Past
Solution: Get over it

Question: Fear Of Anything New
Solution: Neophobia

Question: Gardening Expert Collects Rare Specimens
Solution: Plantsman

Question: Gelatinous Sea Creature It Might Sting
Solution: Jellyfish

Question: Heavenly Yolkless Baked Sponge
Solution: Angel cake

Question: Laboratory Receptacle
Solution: Petri dish

Question: Medieval German Double Reeded Wind Instrument
Solution: Krummhorn

Question: Mist Powered Water Vessel Created By John Fitch
Solution: Steamboat

Question: Not Funny
Solution: Humorless

Question: Official Cost Of An Item
Solution: List price

Question: Old Name For Santa Claus In England Father
Solution: Christmas

Question: Oskar Child Sized Narrator Of The Tin Drum
Solution: Matzerath

Question: Related To The Skin
Solution: Cutaneous

Question: Shia Militant Group Based In Lebanon
Solution: Hezbollah

Question: Soaked Through Drenched
Solution: Saturated

Question: Someone Nominated For Election
Solution: Candidate

Question: Sticks Out Like An Aching Digit
Solution: Sore thumb

Question: Sub Unit Of Former Italian Currency Lira
Solution: Centesimo

Question: Term For The Study Of The Origins Of The Universe
Solution: Cosmogony

Question: The Study Of The Meaning In Language
Solution: Semantics

Question: To Give In
Solution: Surrender

Question: Tropical Breeze That Blows Towards The Equator
Solution: Trade wind

Question: Walking With No Set Route
Solution: Wandering

Question: When The Pass Is Considered Complete In Football
Solution: Reception

Question: With Scribes In The New Testament Opposed Jesus
Solution: Pharisees

Question: Wooden Sailing Boats Used By The Vikings
Solution: Longships

Question: Bar Cocoa In A Delicious And Portable Form
Solution: Chocolate

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