Codycross Medieval Times Group 237 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: 70s US Probes That Visited Jupiter And Saturn
Solution: Voyager

Question: A Lesser Deity
Solution: Demigod

Question: Divers Prize
Solution: Abalone

Question: French Pilot The First To Cross The Channel
Solution: Bleriot

Question: Judy Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz
Solution: Garland

Question: Old Slang Term For Detective
Solution: Gumshoe

Question: Patron Saint Of Ireland
Solution: Patrick

Question: Perished Species
Solution: Extinct

Question: Region Of Europe In East Germany And SW Poland
Solution: Lusatia

Question: Rushed Hurried Busily
Solution: Bustled

Question: Sheryl Crow Song The First Cut Is The
Solution: Deepest

Question: Stretchy Fabric Invented By Brit Thomas Hancock
Solution: Elastic

Question: System Of Government By An Oppressive Ruler
Solution: Tyranny

Question: Taking Small Mouthfuls Of Drink
Solution: Sipping

Question: Tricks Gets The Better Of
Solution: Outwits

Question: Tropical Fruits With A Large Flat Stone Inside
Solution: Mangoes

Question: Wine Is Stored There
Solution: Buttery

Question: Wooden Conical Bore From Switzerland
Solution: Alphorn

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