Codycross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: All Holiday Board Basis With Food And Drinks
Solution: Inclusive

Question: Another Name For Whooping Cough
Solution: Pertussis

Question: Avenida Da Lisbons Main Thoroughfare
Solution: Liberdade

Question: Black And White 1973 US Film Ryan And Tatum Oneal
Solution: Paper moon

Question: Hogwarts House Represented By A Snake
Solution: Slytherin

Question: Human Virus Over 170 Types Are Known
Solution: Papilloma

Question: Identical Twins Whose Bodies Connected In Utero
Solution: Conjoined

Question: Immensely Supremely Exceedingly
Solution: Extremely

Question: Kids Are Out Of The House
Solution: Empty nest

Question: Large Vibration In Mechanical Or Electrical System
Solution: Resonance

Question: Largest Of The Worlds Crocodile Species
Solution: Saltwater

Question: Leaders Of Jewish Rebel Army In Judea
Solution: Maccabees

Question: Long Distance Communication Through Wires
Solution: Telegraph

Question: Machine Or Person Who Gathers Crops
Solution: Harvester

Question: Mostly Ridden By Children
Solution: Tricycles

Question: One Of Four Hogwarts Houses
Solution: Slytherin

Question: Peach Variety With Smooth Skin
Solution: Nectarine

Question: Phil Is An American Pro Golfer From San Diego
Solution: Mickelson

Question: Quality Of An Opera Singers Voice Eg
Solution: Resonance

Question: Son Of Parsifal In Germanic Legend
Solution: Lohengrin

Question: Spy That Madonna Sang Die Another Day For
Solution: James bond

Question: Strength And Toughness
Solution: Fortitude

Question: The Red One Carries Oxygen
Solution: Blood cell

Question: To Copy Edit
Solution: Proofread

Question: Mean Time 0 Hours Named After An Observatory
Solution: Greenwich

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