Codycross Medieval Times Group 236 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Boat Made From A Hollowed Out Tree Trunk
Solution: Dugout

Question: Adds A Circle At The Intersection Of A Latin Cross
Solution: Celtic

Question: Antonym Of Singular
Solution: Plural

Question: Arm Joints
Solution: Elbows

Question: Color Of The Sun And Daffodils
Solution: Yellow

Question: Controversy In Bertoluccis Last Tango In Paris
Solution: Sodomy

Question: Cottonwick Has A Black Line Under Its Fin
Solution: Dorsal

Question: Coveted Crystal From Venice
Solution: Murano

Question: Eugene The Last Astronaut To Walk On The Moon
Solution: Cernan

Question: First Name Of South African Leader Mandela
Solution: Nelson

Question: Former Name Of Tuvalu Island In Polynesia
Solution: Ellice

Question: French Term For Influenza
Solution: Grippe

Question: Injury
Solution: Lesion

Question: It Means Cake In German
Solution: Kuchen

Question: Nail It
Solution: Hammer

Question: Not The Headquarters
Solution: Branch

Question: Predominant Original Language Of The Old Testament
Solution: Hebrew

Question: Quark Flavor With Symbol B Also Known As Beauty
Solution: Bottom

Question: She Was Awakened By A Kiss Sleeping
Solution: Beauty

Question: Space Rock Anagram Of Remote
Solution: Meteor

Question: The Persistence Of Dalis Melted Work
Solution: Memory

Question: Troy Quarterback Played Alongside Irvin Smith
Solution: Aikman

Question: Uproar Disturbance
Solution: Rumpus

Question: Word Grid Of Letters Words Hidden Within
Solution: Search

Question: Best Greatest Player From Northern Ireland
Solution: George

Question: Haydn German Composer Of London Symphonies
Solution: Joseph

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