Codycross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Answer To A Problem
Solution: Solution

Question: Artificial Structure Shooting Jets Of Water
Solution: Fountain

Question: Believer In The Teaching Of Siddhartha Gautama
Solution: Buddhist

Question: City Where Franz Ferdinand Was Assassinated
Solution: Sarajevo

Question: First Commercial Generator Was Invented In 1873
Solution: Electric

Question: Former French President With Dutch Sounding Name
Solution: Hollande

Question: Groovy Oil And Wax With A Pink Light
Solution: Lava lamp

Question: In Chess To Move The King Over The Rook
Solution: Castling

Question: In The Hemisphere Spring Begins In March
Solution: Northern

Question: Italian Doughnut Made With Fruit Peels
Solution: Frittole

Question: Made Up Golf Rule For A Do Over Shot
Solution: Mulligan

Question: Military Home Of Operations
Solution: Army base

Question: Rock Band Named After An Aldous Huxley Book
Solution: The doors

Question: Scowled
Solution: Grimaced

Question: Sleeveless Undergarment For Women
Solution: Camisole

Question: Two Runners Cross The Line At The Same Time
Solution: Dead heat

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