Codycross Medieval Times Group 235 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Active Early In The Morning
Solution: Matutinal

Question: Area Of Asia Including Laos Vietnam And Cambodia
Solution: Indochina

Question: Beverage Traditionally Served With Churros Hot
Solution: Chocolate

Question: Bottler Of Fermented Grape Juice
Solution: Winemaker

Question: Buoyancy Structure Attached To Side Of Boat
Solution: Outrigger

Question: Close Encounters Of The UFO Film
Solution: Third kind

Question: Comedian TV Host Jeff
Solution: Foxworthy

Question: Footwear For Those Tackling Fairways And Greens
Solution: Golf shoes

Question: How The French Say 50
Solution: Cinquante

Question: Issuing Entry Passes
Solution: Ticketing

Question: Last Supper
Solution: Final meal

Question: Release Of An Egg From The Ovary
Solution: Ovulation

Question: Rounded Mass Of Minced Food That Has Been Fried
Solution: Croquette

Question: Science Of Sacred Matters
Solution: Hierology

Question: Test Of Speed Against The Clock
Solution: Time trial

Question: To Underline Call Out Remark
Solution: Highlight

Question: To Underline Emphasize Remark
Solution: Highlight

Question: US Presidential Retreat
Solution: Camp david

Question: Voucher For Readers
Solution: Book token

Question: WWI Battle Ignoble Italian Defeat
Solution: Caporetto

Question: War Made Famous By The Battle Of Rorkes Drift
Solution: Anglo zulu

Question: Elegance Referring To Smart Tailoring
Solution: Sartorial

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