Codycross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Awareness Judgment Knowing
Solution: Cognition

Question: Falling Prices
Solution: Deflation

Question: Famous Gladiator
Solution: Spartacus

Question: Famous Gladiator Who Fought In Third Servile War
Solution: Spartacus

Question: Go Beyond Your Budget
Solution: Overspend

Question: Having To Do With Taste Or Flavor
Solution: Gustatory

Question: Inflatable Worn On The Arms For Non Swimmers
Solution: Waterwing

Question: Instrument For Predicting Weather Changes
Solution: Barometer

Question: International Exhibition For Businesses
Solution: Trade fair

Question: Iron Mans Alias
Solution: Tony stark

Question: Major Canadian Wildfire Of 1825
Solution: Miramichi

Question: One Word Synonym For Or Else
Solution: Otherwise

Question: Rubbery Circular Air Chamber
Solution: Inner tube

Question: Scientist Who Studies Living Things
Solution: Biologist

Question: Shakespeares Tragedy In Which Imogen Appears
Solution: Cymbeline

Question: US Swimmer Nicknamed Shark Multiple Gold Medalist
Solution: Mark spitz

Question: US Swimmer Multiple Gold Medallist
Solution: Mark spitz

Question: Waterproof Canvas Fabric For Tents
Solution: Tarpaulin

Question: Where Trash Is Stored And Covered With Dirt Dumps
Solution: Landfills

Question: Acts Taxed British Imports To The 13 Colonies
Solution: Townshend

Question: Fawcett Suffragist Leader And Campaigner
Solution: Millicent

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