Codycross Medieval Times Group 234 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: A Type Of Surgery To Remove Wrinkles
Solution: Facelift

Question: Agile Tree Dwelling Rodent With A Bushy Tail
Solution: Squirrel

Question: Beethovens Disability
Solution: Deafness

Question: Boer General And Twice PM Of South Africa
Solution: Jan smuts

Question: Boggy Wetland Area
Solution: Quagmire

Question: Cheap Italian Bubbly Served In Lieu Of Champagne
Solution: Prosecco

Question: Christmas Table Decorations With A Bang
Solution: Crackers

Question: Cord Used To Bounce Over When Swung Under The Feet
Solution: Jump rope

Question: Describes The Belief That The Glass Is Always Half Full
Solution: Optimism

Question: Feminist Magazine Founded By Rosie Boycott Et Al
Solution: Spare rib

Question: Flash Memory Gadget
Solution: Usb drive

Question: Flight Recorder On Planes That Is Actually Orange
Solution: Black box

Question: Going Faster And Faster
Solution: Speeding

Question: Hat Designer
Solution: Milliner

Question: National US Based Weekly Tabloid
Solution: Enquirer

Question: Noble 3rd Most Popular In Atmosphere
Solution: Argon gas

Question: Prohibited
Solution: Censored

Question: Raymond French President Throughout WWI
Solution: Poincare

Question: Religious Vessels And Vestments Are Kept In Here
Solution: Sacristy

Question: Skipping
Solution: Jump rope

Question: Stores Your Merlot And Chardonnay
Solution: Wine rack

Question: Subtracting
Solution: Reducing

Question: Two Pieces Of Bread With Whatever You Want Inside
Solution: Sandwich

Question: Unplugged Guitar Performance
Solution: Acoustic

Question: Valuable Item Inherited From A Relative
Solution: Heirloom

Question: Water Bath Cooker To Cook Food In Plastic Pouches
Solution: Sous vide

Question: Wireless Unplugged
Solution: Acoustic

Question: With Qualities Of Life
Solution: Animated

Question: Bomb WW2 Invention By Barnes Wallis
Solution: Bouncing

Question: Vision The Power To See Heat
Solution: Infrared

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