Codycross Medieval Times Group 225 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Alerting Systems
Solution: Sensors

Question: Ancient Supercontinent Once Called Pangaea
Solution: Rodinia

Question: Another Term For Pistol Or Small Gun
Solution: Firearm

Question: Audrey Star Of Breakfast At Tiffanys
Solution: Hepburn

Question: Baked German Flaky Pastry With Filling
Solution: Strudel

Question: Drug Often Used For Fast Muscle Development
Solution: Steroid

Question: Medusa Euryale And Stheno
Solution: Gorgons

Question: Neat And Tidy Well Presented
Solution: Orderly

Question: One Of The Five Senses
Solution: Hearing

Question: Participants In A Game
Solution: Players

Question: Pattern Of Musical Sound
Solution: Texture

Question: Period Of One Hundred Years
Solution: Century

Question: Spiky Egg Laying Mammal
Solution: Echidna

Question: The Virgin Mary And A Pop Princess
Solution: Madonna

Question: The Practice Of Accepting A Situation As It Is
Solution: Realism

Question: Title Of Ancient Egyptian Ruler
Solution: Pharaoh

Question: To Make Louder Larger Stronger Bigger
Solution: Amplify

Question: Tokyo Inspire The Next Electronics Firm
Solution: Hitachi

Question: Ice Frozen Dessert Sold In Carts
Solution: Italian

Question: And Remus Twins Suckled By A She Wolf
Solution: Romulus

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