Codycross Medieval Times Group 225 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Medieval Times

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Codycross Medieval Times Answers

Question: Accelerating Accumulation Of Weapons
Solution: Arms race

Question: Buddhism Judaism Hinduism Islam Christianity
Solution: Religion

Question: Cincinnati Reds Play At The Great American
Solution: Ball park

Question: Collarbone
Solution: Clavicle

Question: Collection Of Schemas Tables Queries Reports
Solution: Database

Question: Drug Used To Cure Constipation
Solution: Laxative

Question: Featuring Glamour And Vitality
Solution: Pizzazzy

Question: Female With Child Expectant
Solution: Pregnant

Question: Formidable Late French General
Solution: De gaulle

Question: Heart Month In The United States
Solution: February

Question: Irish Expression He Scared The Out Of Me
Solution: Bejeezus

Question: Japanese Arcade Game Similar To Pinball
Solution: Pachinko

Question: Largest Saltwater Lake In Asia
Solution: Balkhash

Question: Largest Saltwater Lake In The World
Solution: Balkhash

Question: Not Yet A Suspect Person Of
Solution: Interest

Question: Opposite Exit To Front Entrance
Solution: Back door

Question: Put In Jail
Solution: Imprison

Question: Salty Liquid Condiment Used In Chinese Cooking
Solution: Soy sauce

Question: Salty Liquid Dressing Used In Chinese Foods
Solution: Soy sauce

Question: Storage Container For A Vehicles Petrol Or Gas
Solution: Fuel tank

Question: Superstate In Orwells Nineteen Eighty Four
Solution: Eastasia

Question: Titanics Male Star
Solution: Di caprio

Question: Tropical Fruits With White Flesh And Hard Shell
Solution: Coconuts

Question: Very Fast Sombrero Wearing Mouse Speedy
Solution: Gonzales

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