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Codycross Library Answers

Question: A Book Learned Intellectual
Solution: Academic

Question: Administrative Capital Of South Africa
Solution: Pretoria

Question: Background Bland Innocuous Music When In A Lift
Solution: Elevator

Question: Capital Of The Canadian Province Of Manitoba
Solution: Winnipeg

Question: Common Disorder Of The Eye Or A Large Waterfall
Solution: Cataract

Question: Corinth King Made To Push A Stone Uphill Forever
Solution: Sisyphus

Question: Curly Looping Swirly
Solution: Squiggly

Question: David US Thriller Novelist Of The Camel Club
Solution: Baldacci

Question: Eight Letter Word For Inability To Sleep
Solution: Insomnia

Question: Exaggerate Give Too Much Importance To
Solution: Overplay

Question: First Capital Of Colonial Brazil Before Rio
Solution: Salvador

Question: French Philosopher Wrote The Social Contract
Solution: Rousseau

Question: Freshwater Sunfish Bream Or Copper Nose
Solution: Bluegill

Question: Goats Wool Shawl
Solution: Pashmina

Question: Hanging Fabric Covers For Windows
Solution: Curtains

Question: Harbor And Ferry Port In The South Of IReland
Solution: Rosslare

Question: Helen Mirren Holds The Crown In This 2006 Film
Solution: The queen

Question: Herman Moby Dicks Writer
Solution: Melville

Question: Inability To Sleep
Solution: Insomnia

Question: Interview With The Vampire Author
Solution: Anne rice

Question: Material Covers For Windows
Solution: Curtains

Question: Relating To A Particular Subject
Solution: Thematic

Question: Responds To A Stimulus
Solution: Reactive

Question: Rubs Muscles To Relax Them
Solution: Massages

Question: Second Of Two Japanese Cities Bombed During WWII
Solution: Nagasaki

Question: Sleeping Area Assigned To Officers On A Warship
Solution: Quarters

Question: Spanish Couples Dance With Guitars Castanets
Solution: Fandango

Question: The One With The Least Movement
Solution: Stillest

Question: Tree That Zacchaeus Climbed Hoping To See Jesus
Solution: Sycamore

Question: Where In The World Is Carmen
Solution: Sandiego

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