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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 72 Documentary About Swindler Once Child Preacher
Solution: Marjoe

Question: A Light Hearted Sports Event Race Or Walk
Solution: Fun run

Question: Arab Country Ruled For 46 Years By King Hussein
Solution: Jordan

Question: Body Shaking Dance Move Especially The Shoulders
Solution: Shimmy

Question: Clever Or Skilful From French Word
Solution: Adroit

Question: Eric Arthur Blair Better Known As George
Solution: Orwell

Question: Fluviology Scientific Study Of
Solution: Rivers

Question: Gaps Between Working
Solution: Breaks

Question: Gave Birth To A Horse
Solution: Foaled

Question: Grabbed Took With Force
Solution: Seized

Question: Manhattan Playhouse That Burned Down Many Times
Solution: Bowery

Question: Mild Yellow Pepper Used On Pizza Sandwiches
Solution: Banana

Question: Name Of Shakespeares One Son
Solution: Hamnet

Question: Official State Toy Of Pennsylvania
Solution: Slinky

Question: Prodded With An Elbow
Solution: Nudged

Question: Related To The Teeth
Solution: Dental

Question: Small Lit Particles That Jump From A Fire
Solution: Sparks

Question: Someone Who Drives Cattle
Solution: Drover

Question: Term For A Himalayan Mountain Guide
Solution: Sherpa

Question: The Color Of Big Bird On Sesame Street
Solution: Yellow

Question: Twitter Messages
Solution: Tweets

Question: Whats Luv And All The Way Up Rapper
Solution: Fat joe

Question: You Set The Exposure Not Automated
Solution: Manual

Question: Food A Chocolate Cake With A Red Tinge
Solution: Devils

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