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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Alyson Willow In Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Solution: Hannigan

Question: Casino Game Where Phil Ivey Used Edge Sorting
Solution: Baccarat

Question: Complete Standstill
Solution: Gridlock

Question: Dukes Of Hazzard Brother With Rhyming Name
Solution: Luke duke

Question: Flowering Pink Plant With Heart Shaped Leaves
Solution: Cyclamen

Question: Hong Kong Martial Artist Actor Father Of Brandon
Solution: Bruce lee

Question: In Soccer Ahead Of Defense And Behind Attack
Solution: Midfield

Question: Incarcerated Person
Solution: Jailbird

Question: Joule Described These Units Of Food Energy
Solution: Calories

Question: Made A High Pitched Sound By Blowing
Solution: Whistled

Question: Moll Defoes Chronicle Of A Criminal Woman
Solution: Flanders

Question: Occupation Of Charon Of The Greek Underworld
Solution: Ferryman

Question: Old Fashioned No Longer Used Or Useful
Solution: Obsolete

Question: Place Where Animals Are Slaughtered
Solution: Abattoir

Question: Publication With Religious Songs In It
Solution: Hymnbook

Question: Somme World War I Memorial Designed By Lutyens
Solution: Thiepval

Question: Spoiled Or Harmed Infected With Disease
Solution: Blighted

Question: Swedish Actor Max
Solution: Von sydow

Question: Varies The Pitch Of Speech For Emphasis
Solution: Inflects

Question: You Wipe Your Feet On These
Solution: Doormats

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