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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Aesops Have A Story About A Tortoise And Hare
Solution: Fables

Question: Brazilian Footballer And PSG Star Since 2017
Solution: Neymar

Question: Charted
Solution: Mapped

Question: Charted A Course
Solution: Mapped

Question: Chita Broadway Star Of Guys And Dolls Chicago
Solution: Rivera

Question: Concedes
Solution: Agrees

Question: Dangerous Tricks Performed In Films
Solution: Stunts

Question: Dome Shaped Shrines Used For Meditation
Solution: Stupas

Question: Fizzy Like Champagne
Solution: Bubbly

Question: Gifts For A Teacher
Solution: Apples

Question: Half Of The Producers Willy Wonka Lead
Solution: Wilder

Question: Parker Brothers Make Words From Lettered Dice
Solution: Boggle

Question: Raised Pulpit For Sermons In A Mosque
Solution: Minbar

Question: Reposted An Article On Social Media
Solution: Shared

Question: The Front Curving Part Of A Saddle
Solution: Pommel

Question: To Do As Someone Asks Of You As A Way Of Helping
Solution: Oblige

Question: To Fossilize
Solution: Ossify

Question: What Bracelets Are Usually Worn On
Solution: Wrists

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