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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Bermuda Based Producer Of White Rum
Solution: Bacardi

Question: Character In Pride And Prejudice Charles
Solution: Bingley

Question: First Elected President Of Russia Boris
Solution: Yeltsin

Question: Happy Perfect Blissful
Solution: Idyllic

Question: High Flying Travel Business
Solution: Airline

Question: Incredible Fantastic
Solution: Amazing

Question: Informal Term For First Motion Pictures With Sound
Solution: Talkies

Question: Itchy Contagious Skin Disease Caused By A Mite
Solution: Scabies

Question: Last Book Of The Old Testament
Solution: Malachi

Question: Like The Grass On The Other Side
Solution: Greener

Question: Mercurial Alloy
Solution: Amalgam

Question: Official Pardon
Solution: Amnesty

Question: Original Washing Machine And Spin Dryer Of The 60s
Solution: Twin tub

Question: Sport Involving Coastal And Inshore Racing
Solution: Sailing

Question: Strait Between Sicily And Mainland Italy
Solution: Messina

Question: Study Of Plants And Animals And Their Environment
Solution: Ecology

Question: To Put Under A Spell Like Samantha Did
Solution: Bewitch

Question: Used Your Arms To Shove Someone Out Of The Way
Solution: Elbowed

Question: Using Pencils Or Pens To Create Art Work Sketch
Solution: Drawing

Question: Villains On Press Your Luck
Solution: Whammys

Question: Welsh Capital
Solution: Cardiff

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