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Codycross Library Answers

Question: Adjust In A Disruptive Manner With Meddle
Solution: Tamper

Question: Brazilian Model Dated By DiCaprio Bundchen
Solution: Gisele

Question: Breathe In
Solution: Inhale

Question: Currency Used In The United Arab Emirates
Solution: Dirham

Question: Day Of The Week When Abraham Lincoln Was Shot
Solution: Friday

Question: Deliverers Of Babies In The Cartoon World
Solution: Storks

Question: Desert Water Source
Solution: Cactus

Question: Edvard Griegs Birth Country
Solution: Norway

Question: Edward Knoblock Play Later A Musical
Solution: Kismet

Question: Electronic Messages Sent Over A Network
Solution: Emails

Question: Expression Of Delight From Small Child
Solution: Yippee

Question: Impede Obstruct Someone From Doing Something
Solution: Hinder

Question: Insect With Shortest Lifespan
Solution: Mayfly

Question: King Of Bavaria Known As The Swan King II
Solution: Ludwig

Question: Largest City In The Republic Of Ireland
Solution: Dublin

Question: One Who Proofreads A Book For Publication
Solution: Editor

Question: Period TV Series About Advertising
Solution: Mad men

Question: Piles Of Blown Snow
Solution: Drifts

Question: Play By Lope De Vega The Dog In The
Solution: Manger

Question: Scales A Mountain
Solution: Climbs

Question: Singer Of The Hit Single Ironic Morissette
Solution: Alanis

Question: Someone Who Reads Written Works
Solution: Reader

Question: Strings Of Them They Originate In The Oceans
Solution: Pearls

Question: Sweetmeat Of Almonds And Sugar From Montelimar
Solution: Nougat

Question: Threw A Party
Solution: Hosted

Question: Vast Catholic Shrine In Portugal
Solution: Fatima

Question: Alps Range In North Limestone Alps Germany
Solution: Allgau

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