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Codycross Library Answers

Question: 2010 Movie About Competitive Ballerinas
Solution: Black swan

Question: A Pattern Of Alternately Colored Squares
Solution: Chequered

Question: American Football Forward Creative And Offensive
Solution: Playmaker

Question: Austrian Currency Prior To The Euro
Solution: Schilling

Question: Herby Cocktail Made From Bourbon
Solution: Mint julep

Question: Large Twin Temples With Pharaoh Carvings
Solution: Abu simbel

Question: Not Sure
Solution: Uncertain

Question: Novel By Emily Bronte Heights
Solution: Wuthering

Question: Rate Of Occurrences Of A Repeating Event
Solution: Frequency

Question: Singing Without Any Musical Instruments
Solution: Acappella

Question: Slivers Of Wood Stuck In Your Skin
Solution: Splinters

Question: Submitting Requests For Payment
Solution: Invoicing

Question: Surname Of Golden Girl Blanche
Solution: Devereaux

Question: Teetotal
Solution: Abstinent

Question: To Dock A Ship On Its Side For Cleaning
Solution: Heave down

Question: Turn From A Liquid Into A Gas
Solution: Evaporate

Question: Wet Weather Garments
Solution: Raincoats

Question: Web Berners Lees Invention For The Info Age
Solution: World wide

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