Codycross Inventions Group 42 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Inventions

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Codycross Inventions Answers

Question: A Draw In Chess No Winners In A War
Solution: Stalemate

Question: A Large Church Often With Grand Architecture
Solution: Cathedral

Question: Bad Dream Demon Who Suffocates You In Your Sleep
Solution: Nightmare

Question: Bavarian Smoked Sausage With Garlic Flavor
Solution: Bierwurst

Question: British Rock Band That Creeps Out Its Fans
Solution: Radiohead

Question: Cemetery Building Custom Made For Rich People
Solution: Mausoleum

Question: Clumsy And Awkward Especially With Hands
Solution: All thumbs

Question: David US TV Talk Show Host For 33 Years
Solution: Letterman

Question: Device To Measure Fractions Of Time Used In Races
Solution: Stopwatch

Question: Highest Belt In Karate Kickboxing
Solution: Black belt

Question: Highest Color Of Waist Wrap In Karate Kickboxing
Solution: Black belt

Question: Instrument For Measuring Time With Sand
Solution: Hourglass

Question: Large Building Where College Students Live
Solution: Dormitory

Question: Main Character In Far From The Madding Crowd
Solution: Bathsheba

Question: Military Headwear With A Peak Worn By Soldiers
Solution: Forage cap

Question: Open To More Than One Interpretation
Solution: Equivocal

Question: Period Of Economic Downturn
Solution: Recession

Question: State When Sudden Changes In The Brain Happen
Solution: Delirious

Question: Texas Colors Are Burnt Orange And White
Solution: Longhorns

Question: Uncontacted Isolated Rainforest Civilization
Solution: Lost tribe

Question: Woodward Partner And Watergate Exposer
Solution: Bernstein

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