Codycross Greece Group 680 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Pumpkin Became One In Cinderella
Solution: Carriage

Question: Belief System Faith
Solution: Religion

Question: Blue Black Red And Yellow Marking On The Skin
Solution: Bruising

Question: Christmas Season House To House Singing
Solution: Caroling

Question: Dead End Road With Only One Way In And Out
Solution: Cul de sac

Question: Female Property Owner Who Rents To Tenants
Solution: Landlady

Question: Good Value Purchases
Solution: Bargains

Question: Home For A Goldfish Or Koi Carp
Solution: Fish pond

Question: Looked For Or Explored
Solution: Searched

Question: Machines For Making Hard Copies
Solution: Printers

Question: Marine Creature With Showy Spiky Venomous Fins
Solution: Lionfish

Question: Metal Finger Protectors When Sewing
Solution: Thimbles

Question: Outstretched Slapping Greeting With Palms
Solution: High five

Question: Quality Of Giving Off Light Or Rays
Solution: Radiance

Question: Reaching A Destination
Solution: Arriving

Question: Refined Shiny
Solution: Polished

Question: Slingshot Weapon For Launching Stones
Solution: Catapult

Question: Snack Made With Granola Dried Fruits And Nuts
Solution: Trail mix

Question: Solitary Secluded
Solution: Isolated

Question: Titanic Star Leonardo
Solution: Dicaprio

Question: Youve Probably Been Told Not To Crack These
Solution: Knuckles

Question: Mirror Reflects Whats Traveling Behind You
Solution: Rear view

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