Codycross Greece Group 679 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Anna Novel By Tolstoy
Solution: Karenina

Question: Bacteria Or Virus That Causes Disease
Solution: Pathogen

Question: Coating Food With Crumbs Flour Or Seasoning
Solution: Breading

Question: Correct Off Key Vocals With Technology
Solution: Autotune

Question: Dipping Into Tinkering With
Solution: Dabbling

Question: Feeling Sad For Others Going Through A Hard Time
Solution: Sympathy

Question: Final Vacation Taken Ahead Of A New Arrival
Solution: Babymoon

Question: Infrared Shooting Game
Solution: Laser tag

Question: Lagging Behind
Solution: Trailing

Question: Notorious San Francisco Bays Prison
Solution: Alcatraz

Question: On The End Of The Feet Can Be Varnished
Solution: Toenails

Question: Once In A Very Rarely
Solution: Blue moon

Question: Sent To A War Zone
Solution: Deployed

Question: Side To Side Dog Command
Solution: Roll over

Question: Soft Part Of Bed You Lie On To Sleep
Solution: Mattress

Question: Someone Who Never Dies
Solution: Immortal

Question: System Whereby Customers Do The Work Of Cashiers
Solution: Self scan

Question: They Allow Hotel Guests To Enter Their Rooms
Solution: Key cards

Question: This TV Family Was Led By Tony A Mob Boss
Solution: Sopranos

Question: Three Sided Polygon
Solution: Triangle

Question: Time Of Day When Roads Are Busy
Solution: Rush hour

Question: To Perform A Controlled Explosion
Solution: Detonate

Question: Yellow Flower Seen At Easter Time
Solution: Daffodil

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