Codycross Greece Group 678 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Admiration High Regard Or Esteem
Solution: Respect

Question: Astonished Taken Aback
Solution: Shocked

Question: Finishing Final Perfecting Details
Solution: Touches

Question: In Harry Potter An Object Containing A Soul
Solution: Horcrux

Question: Jumps On Suddenly In A Feline Manner
Solution: Pounces

Question: Leisurely Boat Trips
Solution: Cruises

Question: Lips That Are Dry And Cracked
Solution: Chapped

Question: Permanent Felt Tipped Pens
Solution: Markers

Question: Resumed Restarted
Solution: Renewed

Question: Rock Band Known For You Give Love A Bad Name
Solution: Bon jovi

Question: Slow Destruction Of Coast By Ocean Tides
Solution: Erosion

Question: Squares Sewn Into Clothes That Hold Your Keys
Solution: Pockets

Question: Talk In A Quiet Voice So As Not To Be Overheard
Solution: Whisper

Question: To Jump From A Plane
Solution: Skydive

Question: Using DNA To Replicate Or Copy A Living Creature
Solution: Cloning

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