Codycross Greece Group 678 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Barrier The Runners Must Jump
Solution: Hurtle

Question: Artwork Made From Colored Glass Or Stone Pieces
Solution: Mosaic

Question: Describes Large Dollops Of Ice Cream From A Tub
Solution: Scoops

Question: Interruption Or Pause
Solution: Hiatus

Question: Leave Abandon Remove Oneself From A Place
Solution: Vacate

Question: Legal Clause Or Provision In A Contract
Solution: Caveat

Question: Put Money Into A Business
Solution: Invest

Question: Rectangular Slabs Of Wood For Flooring
Solution: Planks

Question: Regal Hats
Solution: Crowns

Question: Ripple Through Body When Scared Or Chilled
Solution: Shiver

Question: Shimmery Christmas Garland
Solution: Tinsel

Question: Shouted Like A Lion
Solution: Roared

Question: Snaps Stops Working
Solution: Breaks

Question: Subtract
Solution: Deduct

Question: Swimwear Known For Two Pieces Tied With Strings
Solution: Bikini

Question: They Hold Rain
Solution: Clouds

Question: Very Smart Type Of Person
Solution: Genius

Question: Violin Played By A Nursery Rhyme Cat
Solution: Fiddle

Question: Winnie The Poohs Tiny Quiet Friend
Solution: Piglet

Question: Beetle Or Dung Beetle Iconic Egyptian Symbol
Solution: Scarab

Question: Skelter Tall Spiral Slide
Solution: Helter

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