Codycross Greece Group 677 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Written Collection Of Punch Lines
Solution: Jokebook

Question: A Young Waterbird With Webbed Feet
Solution: Duckling

Question: Aromatic Herb With Needle Like Leaves Used To Cook
Solution: Rosemary

Question: Attacked From A Concealed Place
Solution: Ambushed

Question: Branch Of Medical Science Concerning Tumors
Solution: Oncology

Question: Edible Fungus With Stem And Domed Cap
Solution: Mushroom

Question: Emporium For Buying Travel Souvenirs
Solution: Gift shop

Question: Expecting A Baby
Solution: Pregnant

Question: Juvenile Not Fully Developed
Solution: Immature

Question: Laptop Component With Letters And Numbers
Solution: Keyboard

Question: Made Bigger
Solution: Enlarged

Question: Mutual Cooperation Among Employees
Solution: Teamwork

Question: Popular Conifer Used For Christmas Decoration
Solution: Pine tree

Question: Promotional Giveaway
Solution: Free gift

Question: Spears That Athletes Throw
Solution: Javelins

Question: Structure Or Edifice
Solution: Building

Question: Trans Railway Runs From Moscow To Vladivostok
Solution: Siberian

Question: What A Precipitation Gauge Measures
Solution: Rainfall

Question: Womens Stiff Shaping Undergarments
Solution: Corsetry

Question: You Can Turn This If You Dont Want To See
Solution: Blind eye

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