Codycross Greece Group 676 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: A Dolphins Fin
Solution: Flipper

Question: Artistic Paper Folding
Solution: Origami

Question: Blockade Obstruction
Solution: Barrier

Question: Buildings For Plane Storage
Solution: Hangars

Question: Crumpled Like Clothes Taken From A Suitcase
Solution: Creased

Question: Half A Dozen Cans Bottles Tight Abdominal Muscles
Solution: Six pack

Question: Las Vegas Wedding Venues
Solution: Chapels

Question: Loaning A Property Or Vehicle For A Period Of Time
Solution: Leasing

Question: Mozilla Created This Online Browser
Solution: Firefox

Question: Oscar Awarded Epic Film About A Sinking Ship
Solution: Titanic

Question: Rectangular Shaped Hatchet Used To Cut Meat
Solution: Cleaver

Question: Roads For Planes To Take Off And Land
Solution: Runways

Question: Roll Up Surface For Comfort When Exercising
Solution: Yoga mat

Question: Skin Sore Containing Fluid Caused By Friction
Solution: Blister

Question: Stop Something From Happening Block
Solution: Prevent

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