Codycross Greece Group 675 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: An Iguana Monitor Or Gecko
Solution: Lizard

Question: Ban The Rude Parts Of A Movie
Solution: Censor

Question: Cirque Du Was Founded By A Street Performer
Solution: Soleil

Question: Covert Hidden
Solution: Secret

Question: Destruction Breakage
Solution: Damage

Question: Fabric Or Paint Sample
Solution: Swatch

Question: Fan Sites Devoted To Posting Discussions
Solution: Forums

Question: First Name Of Thank U Next Singer
Solution: Ariana

Question: Flour Mix For Coating Fried Fish
Solution: Batter

Question: Gaps Between Working
Solution: Breaks

Question: Hotel Worker Responsible For Carrying Luggage
Solution: Porter

Question: Lady In A Fairy Tale Often In Distress
Solution: Damsel

Question: Mercury Is One In Our Solar System
Solution: Planet

Question: Norse Fiends Turned To Stone In Daylight
Solution: Trolls

Question: Prevailing And Passing Style Of Clothes Fashions
Solution: Trends

Question: Robin Was This Superheros Longtime Companion
Solution: Batman

Question: Run Quickly For A Short Distance
Solution: Sprint

Question: Scant In Short Supply
Solution: Scarce

Question: Soft Plush Material Similar To Velvet
Solution: Velour

Question: Strong Smelling Spiky Asian Fruit
Solution: Durian

Question: Witches Fly On These
Solution: Brooms

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