Codycross Greece Group 675 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: An Item Of Clothing You Put On First
Solution: Underwear

Question: Christmas Peppermint Stick
Solution: Candy cane

Question: Container In Which Votes Are Posted At An Election
Solution: Ballot box

Question: Essential For Opening Wine Bottles
Solution: Corkscrew

Question: Final Demand Or Proposal
Solution: Ultimatum

Question: Ill Advised Unwise Mistaken
Solution: Misguided

Question: Join In With A Song
Solution: Sing along

Question: Open Space In A Railway Terminal For Example
Solution: Concourse

Question: People Native To Cairo Or Alexandria For Example
Solution: Egyptians

Question: Playing A Guitar By Moving Fingers Over Strings
Solution: Strumming

Question: Quickly Swiping Finger Through Text On A Screen
Solution: Scrolling

Question: Resuming A Role Anagram Of Springier
Solution: Reprising

Question: Reunite Resolve Patch Up End Differences
Solution: Reconcile

Question: Rusting
Solution: Corroding

Question: Snow Or Rockslides Down A Mountain
Solution: Avalanche

Question: Stunned Reaction To News That Is Felt Widely
Solution: Shockwave

Question: Teaching
Solution: Schooling

Question: They Make Up Half The Casualties Of War
Solution: Civilians

Question: Witness Or An Onlooker
Solution: Bystander

Question: At Tiffanys Movie With Audrey Hepburn
Solution: Breakfast

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