Codycross Greece Group 672 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Ancient Two Wheeled Vehicle Pulled By Humans
Solution: Rickshaw

Question: Disgraceful Shocking Dishonorable
Solution: Shameful

Question: Disgraceful Shocking Inducing Guilt
Solution: Shameful

Question: Illegal Scribblings Or Paintings On Public Walls
Solution: Graffiti

Question: Italian Cured Pork Belly Equivalent To Bacon
Solution: Pancetta

Question: Online Search Platform Of A Museums Collections
Solution: Database

Question: Public Vocal Addresses
Solution: Speeches

Question: Reveal Make Private Information Public
Solution: Disclose

Question: Series That Follows A Logical Predictable Pattern
Solution: Sequence

Question: Small Explosives With Pins To Pull
Solution: Grenades

Question: The Lion The Witch And The Book By CS Lewis
Solution: Wardrobe

Question: The Science Of Treating Foot Health Problems
Solution: Podiatry

Question: Way In Doorway
Solution: Entrance

Question: When One Presents A Counter Argument Devils
Solution: Advocate

Question: Where Chimney Sweeps Danced In Mary Poppins
Solution: Rooftops

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