Codycross Greece Group 671 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Greece

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Codycross Greece Answers

Question: Bad Tempered Like A Crustacean
Solution: Crabby

Question: Beers Cocktails Mocktails Juices
Solution: Drinks

Question: Beginner Probationary Member In A Religious Group
Solution: Novice

Question: Class Taken For A Particular Curriculum
Solution: Course

Question: Computer Criminal
Solution: Hacker

Question: Deep Gorge Used By Some For Swinging From Rope
Solution: Canyon

Question: Distress Signal In Radio Communications
Solution: Mayday

Question: Endangered Tiger Native To India
Solution: Bengal

Question: Extreme Situation
Solution: Crisis

Question: Female Spirits Found In The Woods
Solution: Nymphs

Question: Femme Beautiful But Treacherous Woman
Solution: Fatale

Question: First Name Of Versaces Founder
Solution: Gianni

Question: Green Monster Who Once Stole Christmas
Solution: Grinch

Question: Japanese Condiment Like Horseradish Used On Sushi
Solution: Wasabi

Question: Japanese Condiment Used On Sushi
Solution: Wasabi

Question: Prize For Winning A Sporting Event
Solution: Trophy

Question: Scared Of Something
Solution: Afraid

Question: Small Pool Of Rain On The Ground
Solution: Puddle

Question: The T In TLC Or Loving Care
Solution: Tender

Question: Wage Receival Date
Solution: Pay day

Question: Water Spray For Self Cleaning
Solution: Shower

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